While walking we make videos of every trail we do, as well as some of the extra things we encounter along the way. We put out a new video every week on our YouTube Channel Tough Soles. Below is a small selection of some our favourite moments so far.

Featured video: The Kerry Way - Part 2

We try to keep this video link up to date to the most recent video we've released, but updating from the road is hard! If you'd like some playlists we have:

All our trail videos!
Our rest day videos
Heritage Card Series

Bray - Greystones cliff walk

One of the enjoyable short walks we did while in Dublin - it was also a great way for us to test that I'd healed fully. 



The Royal Canal (part 1)

"Our first steps" - of course we have to link our very first trail and our very first video. If you want to see how unprepared we were when starting, you can check this video out! I promise we get more professional as we go!  


100 Days 

After 100 days living out of our bags and walking around the country, Ellie talks about some of her main memories and experiences. 

The Avondhu Way

The first half of the Blackwater Way, this amazing trail takes you through the Knockmealdown Mountains in Tipperary and down into Cork.



The Cavan Way

The Cavan Way, while short was a wonderful little trail, including the source of the Shannon and the Cavan Burren. 



The Dingle Way

The last trail we completed before ellie hurt her foot and we've had to take a break for it to heal. It was one of the most beautiful landscapes, an amazing walk.

The Duhallow Way

Part two of the Blackwater Way, the Duhallow Way goes through the Boggeragh Mountains of cork through to Paps and just over the Kerry boarder. Such a wild beautiful landscape. 


The Suck Valley Way

A different style to our usual videos, the Suck Valley Way as one second per kilometre walked. 




Dublin Castle (heritage card series)

One of the videos we've made as part of our Heritage Card Series, we explore Dublin castle and talk about it's history.