The Heritage Card Series

As we've been hiking around Ireland, we couldn't help but notice the large number of castles, manors, ancient burial sites - basically places that are dripping with amazing history and heritage. Places that we definitely wanted to visit. After visiting a couple, we noticed that they are all run by the OPW, aka the Office of Public Works.  

In Ireland the OPW is responsible for restoring and then maintaining all of our built heritage: old castles, monasteries, estates, monuments - everything. And a lot of these are open to the public to visit. 

To be able to continue and maintain these restorations, many of these places charge a small entry fee. But, there is another option: you can buy a Heritage Card and have unlimited access to all their open sites!


Cahir Castle, Cahir, Co. Tipperary. 


For the Heritage Card Series we are visiting to as many of these OPW sites as we can, making videos and learning about these beautiful places. 

Places we've visited: