Trails Overview

The National Waymarked Trails are a set of network of long distance walking routes around the country of Ireland. Each waymarked trail is signposted with a small yellow walking man: we've named him Elvis. The trails are linear or circular (some of these circles are questionably shaped) and so there is no specific direction you must walk them in. So far we've walked 2,500km, out of an estimated 4,000km! 


All trails coloured green in the map are trails we've done! We've been walking since April 17th 2017. 

Click through on the trails we've done below to see our blog posts and videos about them!


Trails to do:

  • 3. Beara Way
  • 7. Burren Way
  • 12. Sli an Earagail
  • 15. Sli na Rosann
  • 16. East Clare Way
  • 19. Kerry Way
  • 27. Offaly Way
  • 30. Slieve Bloom Way
  • 33. South Leinster Way
  • 37. Western Way (Gal)
  • 38. Western Way (Mayo)
  • 40. Wicklow Way

Some of our favourite trails

It's impossible to say which of the trails we've walked so far were the best, but a couple of our personal favourites would be ...

  • The Miner's Way, Roscommon
  • The Sheep's Head Way, Cork
  • Avondhu Way, Tipperary
  • Duhallow Way, Cork
  • Slí Gaeltacht Mhuscraí, Cork  

A big thanks to the Irish Trails office ( for all the free information and maps they have for all these trails (the free maps are a big plus, and you should definitely go use them!).